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Our mission is to help nurture The Body of Christ; To bring all people of God to a better understanding Of Christ's teachings. We strive to supply all communities of faith with the means to keep their focus on God

Contact us We are Located at: 113 W Front St • Wheaton IL 60187

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Weekdays:10:00am - 3:00pm CST (Now open for browsing, maximum 10 customers, require a face mask for entrance)

SAT:Closed - check back for seasonal hours during Christmas and First Communion Season


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why shop with us?

Wheaton Religious Gift & Church Supply has been a family owned and operated business for more than 40 years. We have a rich history serving Chicagoland area churches as well as an ever-growing national and worldwide customer base. We go to great lengths to ensure our customer leaves satisfied and well supplied.Alongside of our relationship driven customer service, we are able to supply thousands of items used by your Church or Religious Organization. We strive to serve you in the most time efficient, cost effective, and high quality manner that we can.

the History of our family brand

In September 1967, our family decided to open a small gift shop on Front Street, in downtown Wheaton, IL. Our store was originally named Wheaton Card & Gift. It was a modest store of about 1200 square feet, 60% of which was devoted to greeting cards and the rest to gift items. In first year of operation we carried both traditional gift store items (vases, mugs, plates, candles, etc.), as well as religious icons and plaques with inspirational verses on them. After our first year, we noticed that people were buying more of the religious items we offered, while the rest remained un-noticed. We then added our first line of religious jewelry, Fernand Py, which is world renowned and highly sought after by collectors to this day.

As we kept adding more religious products to our line, we realized that we had a unique niche in the market place for religious articles, and customers continued to patronize our family-owned business to purchase these items. Within our first 5 years of operation, we began to offer spiritual books alongside the religious articles that we were beginning to be known for. Shortly after that, we changed our name to Wheaton Religious Gift.

As time went on, we found that no one outside of Wheaton, IL knew about the religious articles we could provide to them, so we started printing our own catalog which was designed to meet the needs of the churches we were serving throughout the area.

In 1982, we relocated our store to a larger 5,000 square foot facility located just down the street. Along with religious gift items, we began to carry church supplies to fill the needs of local churches, while learning more about that aspect of the business. Our name was then changed once more to Wheaton Religious Gift & Church Supply.

In 1990, we made our latest move into a 17,000 sq. ft. facility on the same block in beautiful downtown Wheaton, IL. This enabled us to offer even more of the church supplies and gift items that we were known for.

In 2003, we started our website, www.ChurchSupplyWarehouse.com, seeking to provide our years of knowledge and service globally via the internet. We further expanded our business by obtaining a warehouse location to store even more of the staple products we offer, enabling us to carry ample stock readily available to our customers.

We have been in business for over 40 years, and are now owned and operated by Joseph and Phil Jr., the 2nd generation of our family.

Church Supply Warehouse is owned and operated by WRG Inc., an Illinois Corporation.